About Me


My name is Matthew, and I’ve been involved in IT and Graphic Design for around 16 years.

It started with mucking about with computers, playing with my dad’s 3d software, spending time with him as he attended personal tutorials, and learning myself.

Now some time later I’ve been involved with him and on my own in projects ranging from filming and producing promotional videos, 3D animation and modeling for previz, 3d Printing and product design and prototyping, plus website and print graphic work.

Now I’m embarking on a career in IT, currently taking a course working towards a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Hopefully in the future I wish to combine my skills somehow, in a way that I find challenging and interesting, while being of some benefit to others.

My website here is to create a online presence, demonstrating some of my skills, and sharing little adventures.


(PS – the little Silvereyes in the picture were not harmed. They were being rescued from a “bird-eating” tree. That’s another story though…)