Dancing Hedgehogs

Illustration and Vizualization


  • A Dream made possible by Dancinghedgehogs!
  • Dancinghedgehogs is here to help!

What is Dancing Hedgehogs?

What do they do?

And why are they dancing?

Well, Dancing Hedgehogs is a team of talented artists, dedicated to providing Quality Graphics for a huge range of applications.

You see, a lot of people who have great concepts, whether a product, a story, a design, or simply an idea, often struggle to communicate their vision with others. Maybe they are unsure of the look. Maybe written description just doesn’t give the right meaning. Maybe the cat ate their product sheet.

Whatever the reason, maybe there’s an concept in your mind that’s just not taking wings and inspiring others.

That’s where Dancing Hedgehogs comes in. We become that Magic Glove, the Silver Slippers, the Winged Tutu of your imagination.

Using all manner of complicated methods and mystical arts, we help you to create imagery that communicates concepts, and speak straight to the heart.

After all, spoken and written words need processing in the conscious mind.

But a visual image speaks directly to our subconscious understanding.

Like this.

So take a moment, have a look around the website, and see how Dancing Hedgehogs can help you to communicate your dreams to others.

Because that’s what we do.

We turn Mental Imagery, into Visual Imagery.

But wait, why, you ask, why the dancing hedgehogs?

“Oh, well, just to add a little mystery…”

Click below to Download the Dancing Hedgehogs Portfolio Brochure in PDF format.